At Ivys Inc., our vision is a sustainable world enabled by practical, affordable, and timely solutions to complex energy problems. Our company is fueled by a passion for making the future possible and founded on the principles of integrity and forging lasting relationships. We enable our vision by integrating and aligning technologies, know-how and organizations toward that common pursuit. Ivys Inc. is keenly focused on becoming a leading solutions provider delivering effective engineering services and products to the global energy, renewables and hydrogen markets. Emerging markets today include fueling solutions for hydrogen mobility markets and renewable hydrogen supply.

Ivys Inc. possesses over 40 years of combined experience developing and deploying state-of-the-art hydrogen-based technologies to serve a global demand for a new energy carrier. Our business strategy leverages our unique ability to perceive future needs, understand the market landscape and connect entities that together bring enhanced value to the marketplace. Ivys Inc. has built strong ties within the hydrogen industry, including on/off-road vehicle OEM’s, key equipment & technology providers, government agencies and political entities, industrial gas suppliers and end-users alike.